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How to Have a Conversation with a Partner About STIs

How to talk to your partner about STIs

The best time for you to talk to your partner about STIs, past testing and future testing plans is before you engage in sexual activity. This does not mean that you should pop the question right as your underwear is coming off (although doing that is better than nothing). Instead, you should try to raise the question of STIs and testing before the sexual activity begins. Discussing STIs with your partner is just as much about your health as it is theirs. At first, you might feel like this conversation is awkward, but there is no reason it should be! Remember that it is not about whether or not you trust your partner - people with STIs, especially young people, are often asymptomatic. The best way to know is to get tested frequently for STIs. Therefore, if you’re sexually active, make getting STI tested a regular part of your doctor’s visits/yearly physicals.

Conversation Starters

If your partner refuses to get tested you may want to rethink your relationship with them.

Discussing Sexual Histories

Talking to your partner about positive test results