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Sex Toys

What are sex toys?

Although there is a variety of sex toys, each with different functions, the purpose of sex toys remains the same: to increase pleasure during sex and/or masturbation. Sex toys should be free of stigma and free of pressure - there is no pressure to use sex toys, however if you choose to it is completely normal and positive. Sex toys have also been used in the case of sexual dysfunction and/or medical conditions.

Consent & Sex Toys

If you’re using sex toys with a partner(s) it is very important that both parties involved are completly comfortable and consenting (See here* for consent). A great idea is to explore what toys and related actions you and your partner(s) are comfortable with before initiating sex.

Using Sex Toys Safely

What types of sex toys are there?

Classic penetrative vibrators

Rabbit vibrators

G-spot targeting vibrator

Suction vibrators

Wand vibrators

Bullet vibrators

Clitoral vibrator

Wearable vibrators

Penis pumps

Penis sleeves

Penis rings

Anal toys




This progressive sex toy store opened its doors in 1993 after being disappointed in the lack of women focused sex shops in Seattle. The store is 100% sex positive and offers a variety of high quality products. Although the store originally focused on vagina based sex toys, they have expanded their platform to appeal to couples and people with penises as well. Their website is well organized and even has a section specifically directed towards sex-toy novices. The link for the website is here.


Similar to Babeland, SheVibe is a progressive, sex positive store highly focused on expressing both sexuality and gender identity and also exploring pleasure. The store has frequent sales, making their high quality items much more affordable. The website also shares the different manufacturers for their products.

Come As You Are

Since 1997, Come As You Are has been voted Toronto’s “best sex shop”. The store operates on 11 core principles: sex the way you want it, customer service that helps, no come ons, be accessible, be the anti-experts, be worthy of trust, create nerdy fun, contribute co-operatively, be generous, working harder to make sex easier, and live our name. The company believes in the products they sell and are passionate about what they do. Unlike most other sex toy shops, Come As You Are provides a booklist of sex positive and pleasure focused books that they love.

Need more ideas?

Look at this link.

Sources: She Knows, Planned Parenthood