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Sex in the Digital Age

Sex in the Digital Age

Sex has evolved with technology. Intimacy can be expressed through different platforms like Snapchat, iMessage, Facetime, etc. with nudes and sexting. Between consenting adults, sexting can be a positive aspect of a healthy relationship!

What is Sexting?

Good question! Sexting is quite literally the words “sex” and “texting” combined. It can consist of sending nudes, detailed sexual messages back-and-forth, videos of people doing sex acts, etc.

If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal for minors to send nudes of themselves EVEN to other minors because under the criminal code it is child porn. In addition, it is illegal to knowingly share someone’s nude photos without their consent at any age.

I’m Not Sure if I Want To Do This…

If contemplating sending a nude consider if you are being pressured into it:

Consent is JUST as important for sexting as it is for physical sex. It is NEVER ok to pressure or guilt someone into sending nudes. If you feel pressured by someone to send explicit photos of yourself, blocking them can help in order to keep yourself safe.

Is it Ok to Ask Someone for a Nude?

Yes, it can seem natural to ask for nudes if you’re talking to someone or in a relationship, however, if you are asking someone for the first time you need to consider:

I Sent a Nude and Now I’m Worried About What Will Happen to it… What Do I Do?

Have no fear! There are several different things you can do! You can...

How can I protect myself and my images?

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