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Sexual Grooming

What is Sexual Grooming?

Sexual grooming is a methodical process in which a perpetrator manipulates a person to the point where they can be victimized. Essentially, grooming involves behaviors a predator uses in preparation for committing sexual abuse. These behaviors not only aim to manipulate the intended victim but the loved ones surrounding them as well. While circumstances vary, in all cases of sexual grooming the victim is never at fault.

Who is Susceptible?

First, it is important to understand that grooming can happen to anyone at any age and all cases must be taken seriously. That being said, some factors make one more susceptible to grooming than others. Here are just three examples of people vulnerable to sexual grooming:

Types of Grooming

Common Stages in Grooming

What are “Flying Monkeys”

Signs of Grooming (these are not always obvious)

What to do if you believe someone you know is being groomed?

If someone reveals they have been/are being groomed

Effects of Grooming

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